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$1195 each
no tax or extra charges
FREE Charger with Purchase of 2

Paradise Rechargeable Receiver-In-Canal

(tiny, behind the ear)
Advanced technology along with automatic directional microphones enables better understanding in noise environments.

  • 24 channels
  • 4 computer chips for 4 X the processing power
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Outstanding performance in noise


Surflink remote image.jpg

Starkey wireless Receiver-in-canal

FREE remote control with the purchase of 2 hearing aids

  • Unmatched feedback cancellation Limits annoying buzzing and whistling
  • Directional settings. Helps you understand speech in front of you while filtering unwanted background noise
  • Wireless communication Left and right share information wirelessly!
  • Noise management Automatically recognizes and reduces noise
  • Unbeatable price!