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About Us

A note from the owner:

I founded Paradise Hearing in 1997 after witnessing my grandmother trying to purchase hearing aids. She went to 2 different specialists and was quoted over $5000 at one and over $6000 at the other. After doing some research I was able to find 1 place that had cheap hearing aids, but they were making them themselves and they were obviously of much lower quality. It was then that I decided to start my business with the principles of fitting top end hearing technology at affordable prices. I am often asked how we are able to offer such dramatically lower prices than most other prices. There are two main reasons:

  1. We buy in bulk. Manufacturers are often willing to offer substantially lower prices is we buy many at a time and pay up front.
  2. We simply don't mark up the hearing aids as much as our competitors. This is the biggest reason for our cost differential. With a lower mark up,  we have to do a lot more volume than others, but because of our prices, it is easy to do.

Our licensed hearing aid specialists have an average of over 14 years of experience. That’s an average! You can be assured that whichever of our 8 Arizona locations you choose, you will find knowledgeable professional to help you.